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BLOX Ticket Overview

In addition to contacting TownNews Customer Support by phone at 800.293.9576, BLOX admins may also submit support tickets directly to our team within BLOX.

BLOX Support Tickets is located within the BLOX CMS menu > Support > Ticket. 


Interface Overview

The BLOX Ticket interface consists of 4 panels:

BLOX Support Ticket Overview

Ticket Search: This panel contains a number of filters that can be set for locating support tickets that have been previously created.

Saved Searches: This panel is used for saving frequent search criteria that has been entered within the Ticket Search panel for future queries. 

Search Results: This panel is where support tickets that match the criteria within the Ticket Search panel are displayed. Tickets are displayed 50 at a time, based on creation date. The paging tools at the bottom of the panel can be used for exploring older assets. 

Preview: This panel displays a preview of the support ticket being highlighted within the Search Results panel. Tickets populated within this view will have options to either watch or update the ticket. 


How to view a ticket

A ticket can be viewed at a glance simply by highlighting the entry within the Search Results panel. 

Once selected, both Watch Ticket and Update Ticket options will be available within the toolbar. 

Watch Ticket: This option will allow the admin user the ability to watch the ticket and receive ticket updates whenever an update has occurred.

Update Ticket: This option allows the user to provide details, updates and other feedback to the current ticket owner. 


Ticket attachments

To add an attachment to a ticket, double-click the entry within the Search Results panel to populate the ticket within a detailed view. Attachments may be added, downloaded or removed within the Attachments tab by using the appropriate option. 



How to create a ticket

To create a new support ticket, select +New within the main workspace, just beneath the Search Results tab. This will populate the Create Ticket panel: 

Customer: Use the drop-down menu to select publication associated with your domain. 

Domain: Within the drop-down, select the domain. 

Subject: Specify a brief description of the concern, issue or request.

Status: The default status for new tickets is Open and should only be set to Closed under special circumstances. 

Priority: The default priority for new tickets is Normal. When reporting issues that are time-critical, impact revenue, etc, escalate the priority to the level required for the situation. Our team will act quickly and re-prioritize as the issue is being resolved. 

Category: The Category drop-down menu lists numerous internal categories of escalation. Select the category that best applies. 

Message: Within the Message field, enter details relating to the problem that you're trying to solve. 


What makes an effective support ticket? 

In order for our team to find the quickest resolution, please be as descriptive of the issue as possible. Details can include: 

Problem statement: State the challenge, issue or problem statement. How long has this been occurring? 

Links: Include links to examples of where the problem can be viewed by our team.

Browser details: Is this happening in one type of browser or across all browsers? Please include a list of which browsers were tested and which browsers exhibited the problem.

Operating system: Is this an issue appearing in Windows, MacOS or mobile device?  

Attachments: In most cases, visuals facilitate the problem-solving process, so please provide screenshots, quick videos, or anything else you feel would make the issue, challenge or problem easier for our team to understand and thus, diagnose. 

Discuss changes with team: Have any site changes been made recently? Touch base with your staff to see if the concern is something actively being worked on by another team member.