Beginner help topics are listed in recommended order of completion.

Beginner Tutorials

BLOX Syndication is used to aggregate and manage content from various sources across the web for use within BLOX CMS. 

In many cases, the section structure from the source doesn't exactly match the structure within the destination BLOX site. When this occurs, the source sections can be changed (or mapped) to those within the BLOX site. 

Content Importers automatically syndicate content into BLOX. Once a Channel has been established, the Search terms panel can be used to query content with specifics, such as asset type, category and date. That criteria can then be used as the basis of a Content Importer for automatically pulling in content on an ongoing basis. 

The Associated Press is migrating to a more modern infrastructure. A significant change is the move from their legacy Webfeeds method of syndicating content to a new API-based method. AP will also no longer be supporting the Web Feed Manager. Sites that are using that for downloads will need…