BLOX CMS is a content management system that manages the publication of digital content. Each application within the BLOX CMS suite specializes in a unique set of tasks. Many applications tie into each other, lending to a more seamless admin user-experience. Learn more about these applications here.

The User Preferences menu is located in the upper right-hand corner of the BLOX admin and can be accessed by selecting the down arrow following the "Logged in as" email address. Learn more about the options within. 

BLOX Go! is a Mobile Content Importer designed to give field reporters the ability to get breaking news and other relevant updates published to your website as it happens and from where you're at.

There are a lot of moving parts to BLOX CMS, but you'll find that the interface is presented in a consistent, user-friendly way. Each application within BLOX share a consistent look and feel. Learn more about the BLOX interface here. 

The BLOX CMS News & Updates panel (or BLOX CMS Dashboard) is the page BLOX admins are greeting with when logging into a new session of BLOX CMS. This page includes helpful BLOX-related information. This page can be accessed within the BLOX CMS menu within the Other section. Learn more about this helpful resource.

Learn how Saved Searches throughout BLOX CMS can enhance your workflow.

Learn how to pass query parameters within search queries for defining specific asset searches.

Page customizations are similar to Block template customizations, except instead of being block by block, they are page by page. Page customizations are also employed on a per-URL basis, meaning that changes will follow the inheritance principle. In addition, several URLs will have customizations that are specific to that URL (Classifieds, Users, etc.).

Site caching is the process of temporarily storing files of a web page to decrease page loading time on subsequent page views. Learn more about how BLOX CMS handles cache.

The Site Settings area is where the site name, icon, time zone, brand URL, motto, company information and custom properties are set up for your site.

The wireframe grid of the site defines the basic structure of the site and where regions are placed. It also decides how the regions behave in the various response breakpoints. 

This setting is where staff workflows can be setup for managing milestones within the publishing process. Learn more about this helpful tool.

Inheritance is a concept where something takes on the characteristics of something else more dominant. Learn more about how inheritance works within BLOX. 

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) clients are software that is used to access folders and files on a server, and move new folders and files between servers and your computer. Learn how to setup an FTP client here.

Steps for configuring your BLOX site for optimal Search engine optimization (SEO), so your site appears higher in search results from search engines like Google.

This document highlights the available Page Customizations within Design Blocks for editorial pages. These options can be set on either the top-level "/flexsystem" URL to affect the entire set of editorial pages or on a per-URL basis for localized editorial page customizations.

BLOX admins who have UTL experience can receive permission to access, modify and save templates within Design Templates for completing custom css and other design work by signing the attached agreement.

Learn how Sandbox Sections can be beneficial to BLOX admins. Sandbox Sections are live, hidden site sections that are used for working out ideas relating to content blocks and the page layout. Ideas can be built out within the test environment and then moved to their permanent locations when ready for public viewing. 

Learn how URLs can be made searchable so that they can be found during front-end site searches

BLOX Ticket is where support tickets may be created for the TownNews Customer Support team.

Learn how Font Awesome icons can be used for adding professionally designed, fast-loading, icons to your BLOX site. 

The following information pertains to New and Re-design Web Sites being made live.