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Saved Searches


What are Saved Searches?

Many BLOX applications provide a feature called Saved Searches. Saved Searches are used for saving frequent search criteria for future queries. Creating Saved Searches for frequent and repetitive search queries can add up to a considerable time savings over time. 

The Saved Search panel is located within the lower left-hand corner for applications that support it.

Photographers can use Saved Searches to filter out all assets except for Image assets. Reporters can use Saved Searches to easy access to any assets they've created in the past. If you can search for it you can create a Saved Search for it. 


How to create a Saved Search

To create a Saved Search, begin by completing a search query using the available search tools and then selecting Search. 

Next, within the Saved Searches panel below, select the + icon to save the search as a Saved Search.  

A Saved Search can be duplicated, edited or removed by utilizing either toolbar option. 


How to make a Saved Search a default search

If there is a Saved Search that you would like to use as the default search when a new application session is created, as opposed to viewing all assets listed by recent publish date, select the Saved Search and then select the Heart icon.  

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