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To import a category (typically from another BLOX site), click Import. This brings up the Upload File window. Click Browse and locate the category file on your computer or network. Clicking Upload File will import it into your site's Category list. The new category will position itself where it logically fits into the category listing.

As all BLOX sites are created with the same categories, a category can only be exported after it's been modified. If your publication has customized category options and would like to share them with another site, click Export from the top of the Categories menu bar. Individual sub-categories cannot be selected for export, it is an all-or-nothing option. The complete category listing will be downloaded to your default download folder on your computer.


Web Categories

To modify the name of a global category, either double click it, or highlight it and then choose the Edit button. Enter the new name and then select Enter to save your changes.

The folder icon in front of a global category will turn green to indicate that the change has been made. Changes can be undone by choosing the Restore button.

To create a custom category as a direct child of a global category, highlight the global category and then select the Add button. Type a name for the new sub-category in the highlighted field. When finished, click anywhere outside the field to save your changes.

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