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Appliance OS 2.27.0 Release Notes

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This release of TotalCMS 2.27 includes an update of Blox Core to 1.48.6 as well as a large number of systems-level updates including a PHP upgrade to 7.3. There is no packaged client version with this appliance release.


Due to a change in login database schema, you will be unable to log into the secondary or disaster recovery server until first replication from the upgraded primary. You should still upgrade your secondary system first, make sure the upgrade works, then upgrade primary, wait for replication, then you will be able to login to the secondary system Blox admin.



This is the final release that allows for creation of "legacy" AP channels. From Appliance version 2.28 and on, only AP channels using the new Media API will be available. It is STRONGLY encouraged that all customers be prepared to upgrade to version 2.28 at a minimum by the end of 2020, as the "legacy" AP webfeeds method will be shut down by AP on 12/31/2020.

You will need to contact AP and request a Media API key and then set up a new AP Media API channel and importers. The "new" is the Associated Press with the black AP icon. See this link for more information on setup.


Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.48.6 (from 1.46.2)
  • Syndicate 1.22.3 (from 1.19)
  • AP 4.16.3

BLOX CMS version 1.47.0-1.48.6

Major Improvment:

  • Appliance users will now have the ability to create "draft" Notifier messages while creating an asset on appliance. The staged notification message will move from appliance to hosted when the article is published and will be sent out at that point. (TNCMS-7029)

Bug Fixes

  • The "linked site mapping" feature was inadvertently included on BLOX TotalCMS, and will be removed. (TNCMS-7173)
  • The Media Library feature was inadvertently included on the BLOX TotalCMS environment, and will be removed. (TNCMS-7186)

Full release notes:


Syndicate 1.22.3

Minor changes:

This version implements a number of changes related to Field59 video assets and a change in how PR Newswire content is fetched.

AP 4.16.3

Major Changes

We are removing the ability to create new "legacy" AP channels that were dependent upon the AP webfeeds technology which is being deprecated at the end of 2020. Please contact AP to request your new Media API credentials which can be used to create a new AP channel. This will be a major push from appliance version 2.28 an on.


While no official version of the client is being packaged with this appliance release, the current version of the client available is the 5.42 branch.