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How do I download videos in Field59?

Here are the steps to follow to download an encoded file from the Manager:

  1. In the Media tab, find the video by using the Search field. You can search your videos by title, keywords, description or by video key, then click the Search button to see the results.
  2. Find the video item you want to download and hover over it with your mouse. You will see the a gray tools menu appear on the right. Click on the tools icon to access the menu.
  3. In the menu that appears, highlight Download. The output formats that are available will appear to the left.

Saving the file at this point is a little different in each browser.

Chrome: Click on the file format you want to download, and Chrome will download the file.

Firefox: Right-click (or CTRL+Click on a Mac) the file format you want to download and choose Save link as…

Safari: Choose Download Linked File As…

Internet Explorer: Right-click the file format you want to download and choose Save target as…