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GDPR: What we're doing and what you should do

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What TownNews is doing about . . .

Your website traffic

According to our internal tracking data for all BLOX CMS hosted sites, countries within the EEA account for on average 0-2% of all traffic in a given month. This varies from site to site.

Until more clarity regarding methods of offering compliance is understood across the industry, our initial and necessary step is to block persons we recognize as coming from the EEA and EU to both preserve the rights of their citizens and ensure that our customers’ sites are not in violation.

There will be no additional development required on the media partner’s end to turn this on. It will be activated by default.

While blocking EEA and EU traffic may seem extreme, it is a necessary measure for TownNews to take in the interim.

Starting May 25, if an affected EU citizen requests access to their data, TownNews will have an option to provide them with this information. In the future, this will become a more automated process.

Google Analytics

TownNews maintains a Google Analytics account for all BLOX CMS hosted sites. We log this data for security and fraud prevention purposes and therefore attribute the continued collection to Legitimate Interest under the GDPR. However, we are now proactively anonymising the collection of IP data for citizens Google detects as coming from EEA.

TownNews iQ Program

If you are a TownNews iQ user, your DMP on May 25 2018 will no longer collect information on EEA users as well as unknown users that could be EEA user and will also purge all previous data stored on these users.

What you should do about . . .

Terms of Use

It is strongly recommended that you discuss with your legal team the changes that need to be made to your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents. We’re recommending the following be included in your Terms of Use immediately:

Prohibited Uses

This Site is not intended for use by persons located within the European Economic Area (EEA). We do not request or accept personal information concerning or supplied by persons who are located within the EEA at the time they access this Site. If you have accessed this Site from within the EEA, you should immediately discontinue your use. If you have supplied personal information to us in violation of this provision, whether through the registration of new user accounts or otherwise, please contact us at __(email)__.

Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

For site’s managing their own Google DFP, Google has shared how they are preparing to meet the requirements of GDPR.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Each site has the ability to create and manage their Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager accounts for their own domain.

For those using the official Google settings panel, there are two options, Universal Analytics(UA) and Google Tag Manager(GTM). If you are using the UA option, TownNews is implementing the change to anonymize ip address for you and nothing is required of you. If you are using GTM you will need to update your GA settings Variable in GTM. To do this look for More Settings -> Fields to Set and then add a new field named ‘anonymizeIp’ with a value of ‘true’.

There are some that have not migrated to the Google settings panel, please see the documentation to switch. If you need assistance please contact Customer service.